The Checkout National FMCG Awards 2019 will take place at the Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin on Tuesday, 12 November.

Now in their tenth year, the awards recognise excellence in sales and marketing in the Irish grocery retail sector and are a key event in the industry's calendar.

The awards acknowledge distinction in the areas of new product development (NPD), best-in-class merchandising and sales support, innovation in advertising and marketing, and successful sponsorships and brand associations. Awards will be presented in a total of 25 categories this year.





The Irish grocery market is one of the most competitive in Europe. For brands and retailers competing in this increasingly challenging space, achieving front-of-mind status, and more importantly, a place in a customer's shopping basket, is a constant battle.

The Checkout National FMCG Awards is one of the most high-profile awards ceremonies of the year for the FMCG and retail sectors. It acknowledges the true innovation and marketing prowess displayed by some of Ireland's top brands.

Brands and retailers honoured at this event can be considered the 'best of the best' when it comes to new product development, thinking outside of the box when engaging with customers, as well as promoting support for the retail trade.



Best Sales Team / Field Sales Support

This award recognises suppliers that get out there and support retailers first-hand, developing strong, long-lasting relationships.

Most Eco-Friendly Supplier

This award acknowledges suppliers that have displayed strong eco credentials, not just in terms of product formulation, but also in areas like packaging reduction, transport optimisation and strategic environmental thinking.

Best Product Relaunch

This award recognises the successful relaunch of a product, either following a packaging revamp, product reformulation, or simply to capitalise on the current hunger for nostalgia. Brands that have successfully been reintroduced to the market are recognised here.

Best Sponsorship / Brand Association (by an FMCG Brand)

This category showcases examples of ‘a good fit’ between a particular brand and an event / occasion / broadcast being sponsored. Brands that have successfully enhanced their core message, delivered additional sales, and ultimately increased recognition among consumers will be acknowledged here.

Best Sponsorship By A Retailer/Symbol Group

Open to retailers only, this category acknowledges retailer associations with particular events/occasions/programmes.

Branded Supplier of the Year (Food and Beverage)

The ‘Branded Supplier Of The Year’ categories acknowledge the high level of new product development and merchandising support across the grocery industry. This award recognises food and beverage (excluding alcohol) manufacturers that have really upped their level of support, offered advice on how to drive category sales, and delivered effective promotions for the retailer.

Branded Supplier of the Year (Non-Food)

As with Category 6, this award acknowledges the hard work being undertaken by suppliers to drive brand growth and deliver effective in-store promotion in the non-food area.

Branded Supplier of the Year (Alcohol)

Again, as with Category 6 and 7, this acknowledges forward-thinking, successful brands in the alcohol category.

Best Charitable Initiative By A Supplier Or Retailer

This category focuses on the most successful initiatives being developed by brands to assist charity campaigns, while also looking at the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of creating interest among the general public.

Best New Product Launch (Food)

The ‘Best New Product Launch’ categories recognise innovation across the entire FMCG spectrum. This award recognises food products that have brought innovation to its respective category and delivered incremental sales.

Best New Product Launch (Non-Food) Sponsored by Vype

This award acknowledges excellence in new product development, this time in the Non-Food segment.

Best New Product Launch (Beverage)

This award recognises innovation in the beverage segment - including both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, and brands that have delivered an uplift for their respective category.

Best Advertising Campaign (Print)

<p class="p1">Acknowledging the variety of advertising mediums through which brands engage with consumers, the ‘Best Advertising Campaign’ award has been split into four this year. This award recognises the best print-based advertising campaign for a brand or retailer over the past 12 months.</p><br /> <p class="p1"></p>

Best Advertising Campaign (Broadcast/TV/Radio)

This award acknowledges successful media campaigns; in this case via broadcast media (TV or radio).

Best Advertising Campaign (Online/Digital)

Online and smartphone marketing is acknowledged with this award, as well as suppliers that have successfully developed forward-thinking social media campaigns, digital media campaigns, mobile campaigns and other digital platforms.

Best Advertising Campaign (Outdoor)

Outdoor remains a crucial medium for brands to get their message across, and this award recognises the brands that have not only achieved a strong outdoor message via traditional 6-sheet or 48-sheet mediums, but have also pioneered new ways of engaging with the consumer via the Outdoor channel.

Best Integrated Campaign

This award commemorates brands that have developed effective marketing strategies and creative campaigns using a combination of channels and/or platforms, designed to engage their specific target markets.

Best Shopper Marketing Campaign sponsored by SEL

The Shopper Marketing industry is being seen as a turning point in how brands engage with consumers, delivering a consistent message right up to the point of purchase. This award acknowledges brands that have successfully delivered a strong shopper marketing proposition, and has been able to see significant sales uplift as a result.

Checkout Brand Legacy Award

A ‘Lifetime Achievement’ award for brands, this award recognises a brand that is celebrating a milestone in 2016.

Most Improved Brand (Food And Beverage)

This award acknowledges the food and beverage brand that has seen the biggest jump in value sales year-on-year, according to the 2016 Checkout Top 100 Brands report.

Most Improved Brand (Non-Food) sponsored by Purity Labs

This award recognises the non-food brand that has seen the biggest jump in value sales year-on-year.

Category Champions

This award recognises the brand owner or parent with the most category-leading brands in its portfolio, according to the 2019 Checkout Top 100 Brands report, in association with Nielsen.

Highest New Entry (Food & Beverage)

This category awards the brand that has entered this year’s <strong>Checkout Top 100 Brands</strong>, in the highest position, in the food and beverage categories.

Highest New Entry (Non-Food) sponsored by Purity Labs

This category awards the brand that has entered this year’s <strong>Checkout Top 100 Brands</strong>, in the highest position, in the non-food categories.

Most Brands In Top 100 Brands

This category awards the company that has the most brands appearing in this year’s <strong>Checkout Top 100 Brands</strong>.

Best Brand Ambassador Partnership

<span class="">This awards recognises brand ambassadors who successfully represented the brand they were appointed by in a positive light. By doing so, their association with the brand helped </span><span class="">boost product or service sales and create brand awareness. </span>

Judging Process

Entries for the Checkout National FMCG Awards 2019 will be accepted until Wednesday 02 October. No late entries will be entertained. There is no charge to enter the awards; however, representatives from your company will be required to attend the event if you are a finalist.

The judging panel for the Checkout National FMCG Awards 2019 will be comprised of acknowledged retail commentators and consultants, as well as a number of industry experts.

Category details can be found by clicking on the categories above. If entering any of the 'Best Advertising Campaign' categories, please give details of the agency and/or creative team used in the campaign.

With each entry, please provide as much information as possible about the campaign/product/sales team you are entering, including examples of how successful it has been and its effect on customer/industry perceptions about the category/sector.

The judging process is expected to be completed by the first week of August, at which time all finalists will be contacted.

Coverage of the event, including photos of winners, finalists and sponsors, will be featured in a special section of the subsequent issue of Checkout, Ireland’s leading magazine for the FMCG sector.

For further information, contact [email protected]

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