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RGDATA Criticises Low Pay Commission's Lack Of Information On Sub Minima Rates

By Publications Checkout
RGDATA Criticises Low Pay Commission's Lack Of Information On Sub Minima Rates

RGDATA has outlined its concerns at how the consultation on sub minima rates is being managed by the Low Pay Commission, saying that not enough information has been given to stakeholders.

Consultations are normally carried out around either a set of proposals or an Issues Paper, which gives context and background to the issue, and also outlines facts, figures and trends identifying the legal and policy parameters relating to it.

RGDATA says this information has not been provided, and that stakeholders are being asked to give very general comments on 'the appropriateness of the sub-minima rates with regard to their impact on youth unemployment rates and participation in education' instead.

Tara Buckley, Director General, RGDATA commented "There is no information provided on the impact of the rates on youth unemployment rates or participation in education and consequently we are being asked our opinion on an unspecific and very general issue."

She said that if the Commission is to work well, it needs to present properly structured and informed consultations, rather than just throwing out "general themes for discussion and subjective assessments".

RGDATA added that the basis of the consultation exercise is important to its members, many of which provide young people with part time holiday work, allowing them to get their first taste of work and often funding students through their education.

It said that there is currently no indication that the rates of pay for these workers are causing any problems or challenges, for either themselves or others workers.

It is the group’s position that if the Low Pay Commission believes that there are such issues, these need to be outlined and people must be given a chance to make submissions on the views and findings presented.

RGDATA concluded by saying that if the Commission provides research analysis of the sub minima rates, youth employment and participation in education, it would make a submission with its members’ views on the findings.

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