Ireland’s Top 5 Ice-Cream Brands Are A Chilly Treat

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Ireland’s Top 5 Ice-Cream Brands Are A Chilly Treat

Summer is well under way – in time, if not in weather.

In the less-frequent-than-wanted glimpses of sunshine, Irish shoppers will hurry to make the most of the warm weather with a tasty ice cream.

According to data from NIQ Ireland, the highest number of ice-cream sales come from impulse purchases.

As consumers aim to make the most of summer, they will likely treat themselves to some of the top ice creams of 2023, based on the Checkout Top 100 Brands 2023.

After reaching an all-time high of eighth place in 2021, the ice-cream category had slipped down to number 12 by 2023.


The market share for the top five brands increased from 41.9% in 2022 to 46.9% in 2023, showing that, although the category has fallen from peak popularity, these brands remain a favourite of Irish shoppers.

Published every August, the Checkout Top 100 Brands is based on branded value sales across the Irish grocery sector, making it the most accurate barometer of the biggest-selling brands in the marketplace.

In compiling the report, NIQ Ireland measures the sales performance of over 5,000 brands from over 200 product classes.

Top Five Ice-Cream Brands


Ireland’s favourite ice-cream brand – Magnum – is the 23rd most popular brand overall. The diverse brand has been on a downward trajectory over the past few years, falling from number 14 in 2021 to 23 in 2023, yet it retains its position as the most popular ice cream. Known for luxurious branding and diverse flavours, Magnum is a favourite of Irish shoppers for a sweet treat on a warm day.


Ben & Jerry’s

The number-two ice-cream brand also slips from its position in 2022, with Ben & Jerry’s taking the number-64 spot for 2023 while holding on to its second position within the category. The Unilever brand reached an all-time high of number 49 in the rankings in 2021, following a dramatic 25-place jump. A popular take-home brand, Ben & Jerry’s diverse flavours mean that there is something for everyone to treat themselves to in an at-home dessert.

HB Cornetto

HB Cornetto re-entered the Top 100 Brands in ice-cream’s bumper year of 2021, reaching the number-91 position – a ranking that it has held ever since. Despite not making it into the Top 100 in 2020, the ice cream has been a regular brand on the list since rankings began, in 2005.

HB Iceberger


The second HB brand on the list, along with Cornetto, HB Iceberger pushed Nestlé and Dale Farm off the top-five list altogether. Another classic ice-cream format, the old favourite may have benefitted from the falling sales and subsequent discontinuation of another HB brand – Choc Ice ­– in June 2023.


Last year’s number-three brand – Cadbury – slipped down to the number-five position for 2023. While Cadbury confectionery took a high position on the Top 100 Brands, the company’s ice creams failed to break into the list. Cadbury carries the benefit of brand recognition and loyalty, so consumers can move from their favourite chocolates to their ice-cream equivalents as soon as the sun pokes its head out from between the summer clouds.

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