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The most influential publication for the grocery retail and FMCG sectors in Ireland, Checkout has been in operation since 1968, during which time it has established itself as the go-to trade magazine for the country's highly competitive grocery retail industry.

With an experienced team of award-winning journalists, Checkout is Ireland's premier source for news, market research, data analysis and insight, and major grocery and FMCG trends.

As well as focusing on supermarket product lines, Checkout covers key areas of interest to senior management and buyers operating in the grocery retail, FMCG and manufacturing sectors, such as supply chain and retail logistics management, retail technology, price monitoring, product packaging, retail store design, sustainability/environmental best practice and much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

- Who reads Checkout?
- Does the magazine operate on a controlled distribution basis?
- What can Checkout do for you?
- Does Checkout hold grocery retail & FMCG industry awards?
- How can I subscribe to Checkout?
- How can I advertise in Checkout?
- How to send us your news stories?

- Who reads Checkout?

Checkout is distributed to the owners and managers of retail stores across the independent, multiple, forecourt, discount, speciality and symbol sectors, including store managers and key executives at head office level in multiples, discounters and wholesalers.

Checkout is also distributed to food manufacturers, importers, distributors, logistics providers and all support industries supplying the grocery sector (e.g. marketing, advertising, public relations, banking and other service providers).

- Does the magazine operate on a controlled distribution basis?

Checkout magazine is distributed by controlled circulation (ABC audited) to managing directors, head buyers and business managers within the major retail multiples, symbol groups, forecourts, wholesale/cash & carry, and brand owners and manufacturers in the FMCG industry.

For more details on our subscriber base and circulation, please contact our ad department on 01 230 0322 or at [email protected]

- What can Checkout do for you?

Our core business is the food and drink sector and all things grocery retail - we stick to what we do best, and do not publish products outside of the grocery and hospitality sectors. Our editorial output includes:

Checkout Magazine

Our multi-award winning monthly title, Checkout has been a bastion of industry news, market-leading research and discussion for over 50 years. As the magazine of record for the biggest business sector in Ireland, Checkout is the key source of industry news for the retail sector and the key platform by which suppliers market their products and services to the buyers, procurement directors, franchises and key management with purchasing responsibility. provides a richer, deeper digital experience for visitors and marketing partners than any other industry title. Checkout journalists and contributors deliver breaking news, top headlines, features, and exclusive online research and analysis to our dedicated audience of industry professionals, seven days a week.

Retail Intelligence

Retail Intelligence makes it easy for busy brand owners, distributors and retailers to stay well informed on the latest news, industry trends and competitor activity. Our subscribers receive a synopsis of the latest and most important stories from the Irish grocery retail and FMCG landscape, curated by our team of experts on a weekly basis.

Checkout Social Media Channels

Whichever platform you like to receive your news on, Checkout has you covered. We post breaking news and top stories to our Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook social channels, seven days a week.

Off-Trade News

Our dedicated section for the off-trade sector means Checkout will now be your one-stop shop for all your off-licence and drinks industry news. Off-trade news and in-depth features, with interviews from leading players at the retail and manufacturer level, form a key part of this segment.

Retail Report Card

Our popular Retail Report Card, featuring a mystery shopping assessment of the retailers that comprise a particular Irish town, is one of the most eagerly anticipated sections of Checkout each month. Strong on detail and analysis, this is a must-read for those involved in the trade. Retail Report Card is produced in association with Customer Perceptions.

ShopperWatch: The Inside Track On Irish Shoppers

ShopperWatch is an exclusive partnership between Checkout and Behaviour & Attitudes (B&A). Every month, ShopperWatch tracks shopper opinions on retailer advertising, new product launches and retailer and brand promotions, as well as addressing key topics affecting the retail and FMCG industries today.

- Does Checkout hold grocery retail & FMCG industry awards?

Checkout National Grocery Retail Awards

In 2022, Ireland’s premiere awards for fresh food retailing, the Checkout Best in Fresh Awards, is joining forces with the leading awards for suppliers to the industry, the National Retail Supplier Awards, to create the National Grocery Retail Awards.

Through amalgamating these awards, we have created the largest and most prestigious awards for the industry in Ireland. The National Grocery Retail Awards are one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the Irish grocery retail calendar.

The National Grocery Retail Awards highlight best in class excellence in retailing and honour the companies and suppliers who help these stores and chains to achieve this level of global excellence.

Checkout Conference

The Checkout Conference is the longest-running dedicated conference for the grocery retail and FMCG industries in Ireland. The Checkout Conference was established in 1979 and is considered a ‘must-attend’ event for those in the trade, due to the high calibre of its world class speakers from Ireland and its status as a premium networking opportunity.

Checkout National FMCG Awards

The Checkout National FMCG Awards is the only awards recognising excellence in sales and marketing in the Irish grocery retail sector. The awards honour best-in-class performance in areas such as new product development (NPD), merchandising and sales support, innovation in advertising and marketing, and sponsorships by both retailers and suppliers.

- How can I subscribe to Checkout?

To keep up to date on all the latest industry and product news from Ireland, click on the link below or contact our subscriptions department, via email at [email protected]


- How can I advertise in Checkout?

If you are looking to increase your sales to the Irish retail sector, please visit our advertise section for further information.

Alternatively, you can reach out to our team via the contact details below:

CONTACT: [email protected] or speak directly one of our account managers today.

DANI SINNOTT +353 (0)1 236 5821 | [email protected]

PAT MURRAY +353 (0)1 236 5828 | [email protected]

- How to send us your news stories?

If you want to send us a press release or tell us about a new story, you can reach out to our editorial team via the contact details below:

For digital enquiries:

SARAH O'SULLIVAN | Journalist & Digital Communities Executive | [email protected]

For print enquiries:

MAEV MARTIN | Editor | [email protected]