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Ireland’s First Range Of Granulated Health Drinks 'Backed By Science'

By Donna Ahern
Ireland’s First Range Of Granulated Health Drinks 'Backed By Science'

Circle of Light, an emerging Irish company founded on the principle that food is medicine, is launching a first to market range of green coffee and fibrous granulated health beverages.

Free from sugar, artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, each Circle of Light granulated drink can be mixed with hot, chilled or sparkling water to make a tasty and refreshing beverage which, the company claims, provides extensive health benefits. The drinks can also act as a tasty addition to yogurt or porridge.

To protect the integrity of naturally sourced ingredients, often lost during traditional processing, Circle of Light have created innovative techniques, including a bespoke blending process, to preserve all of the health-promoting benefits of their ingredients.

“Through over ten years of research and development, we have carefully crafted our products to deliver naturally sourced ingredients with proven health benefits,” says Dr Sarah Kelly, CEO, Circle of Light.

“Our journey has been one of exploration, always grounded in science, and focused on extracting and, most importantly, preserving the unique benefits of each of our carefully selected sources,” she adds.

'Our Philosophy'

According to Dr Kelly, everything at Circle of Light is underpinned by science and a mission to raise awareness of cardiovascular, gut and pelvic health in the mainstream food and beverage market.

“We’re delighted to partner with leading specialists in their field to underpin our belief that food is medicine and promote active healthy choices via supermarket shelves,” she says.

Independent scientific advisors to the company include Professor Niall M Moyna, clinical exercise physiologist, with a focus on chronic diseases, and Helen Keeble, specialist pelvic health physiotherapist. “Each of our products have specific, evidence-based health benefits that both target specific ailments (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, constipation, gut health, insomnia), and serve as meaningful alternatives to nutrient-poor, calorie-dense, sugar-saturated drinks,” says Dr Kelly.

'Our Products'

Green Coffee Circle of Light’s Green Coffee range is available in a variety of blends, enriched with health enhancing herbal infusions.

According to Professor Niall M Moyna, detailed scientific research has shown that chlorogenic acid can help reduce cholesterol and blood pressure in those with elevated levels.

Ordinarily destroyed during the traditional roasting process, the green coffee bean, in its natural form, is high in a number of active ingredients, particularly chlorogenic acid, which has widespread health benefits as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

FIBRE89 (ginger & cinnamon flavours) With one in five people suffering from constipation in Ireland, including at least 40% of all pregnant women, Circle of Light has created a ‘unique’ fibre drink supporting gut health and normal bowel function.

For the first time, inulin - a prebiotic fibre extracted from chicory root - has been granulated to make ‘a tasty and refreshing drink with extensive health benefits’. Circle of Light’s FIBRE89 is 89% chicory inulin, which promotes ‘good bacteria’ to support gut health and general well-being, and is a convenient way to meet your recommended daily fibre intake!

TRIPLE Z Circle of Light will soon be launching their ‘delicious and restorative’ new product, Triple Z. A complementary addition to their range of natural drinks, Triple Z delivers a blend of lemon balm, chamomile and valerian to soothe, relax and restore.

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