Drinkaware Encourages Young People To Socialise Safely This Summer

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Drinkaware Encourages Young People To Socialise Safely This Summer

Drinkaware has issued guidance to young people and their parents on how to socialise safely this summer, in the face of peer pressure.

As the end of exams herald the start of the summer holidays, the time is ripe for young people to socialise, which can often involve drinking.

The pressures of social media can exacerbate feelings of inadequacy and drive young adults into situations that compromise their safety, especially when alcohol is involved.

Data from the Drinkaware Barometer 2023 shows that 30% of young people aged 18-24 drink to fit in with their peers.

Family Guidance

Research confirms ‘the role of the family and parents as the most important influence on children’s expectations, attitudes and behaviours relating to alcohol (Smit et al., 2020).’


Drinkaware is encouraging parents to speak with their children about drinking responsibly this summer.

Of those surveyed in the 18-24 age group, 80% said that they are more likely to drink for social reasons, including celebrating, and because it makes social gatherings more fun.

The social context of being around other people drinking, or drinking contexts in general, greatly increases the chances of unexpected alcohol consumption.

Drinkaware has issued some useful tips to help parents and guardians engage in constructive conversations about drinking.

The body suggests educating and informing children on guidelines, such as the size of a standard drink, planning ahead, with open conversations about social plans and boundaries, discussing alternatives to drinking, in case they do not feel comfortable doing so, creating a non-judgemental space, so the young person feels able to discuss worries without fear of judgement, and modelling behaviour from a young age by not normalising unhealthy drinking habits.


‘Keep It Fun And Safe This Summer’

On the summer guidance, the chief executive of Drinkaware, Dearbhla O’Brien, said, “Summer is a time for fun with friends, but young adults face unique challenges when it comes to staying safe and socialising.

“Young people need to be aware of the immediate dangers that can arise from drinking excessively, including alcohol poising, making irresponsible decisions, academic and career impact, as well as long-term health problems.

“As a parent, you can guide them towards avoiding alcohol use and making smarter choices.

“Open communication and fostering a culture of responsible socialising are essential to minimising risks and ensuring our young ones can navigate their social life safely this summer.

“Alcohol is invariably part of Irish social occasions, and as parents, we want the best for our young adults.


“We want them to experience life and to enjoy life […] talking to them about the dangers of alcohol is a crucial part of this.

“We want to encourage everyone to keep it fun and safe this summer.

“Alcohol is part of many social gatherings and can be enjoyed when consumed in moderation.

“Our Safe Summer Socialising webpage is now live and provides additional helpful tips and advice on how to have a fun, safe summer.”

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