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Hilden: NI Craft Brewers Must Unite

Published on Apr 16 2014 10:34 AM in Drinks

Hilden: NI Craft Brewers Must Unite

Independent brewery Hilden Brewing Co, based in Lisburn, County Antrim, is seeking to establish a new organisation that focuses on the promotion of craft beers and ciders from Northern Ireland.

Hilden believes that the local-brewing industry would benefit from a united promotional platform, given the current market conditions. The demand for craft and local beers has soared in the last few years.

Seamus Scullion, the founder of Hilden Brewery said, “By being able to concentrate on the development of what are essentially bespoke beers and ciders craft brewers have a decided advantage in terms of delivering taste and quality […]B y developing a strategy to service and protect the expansion of the industry, and its customer base, the new body will have a vital role to play.”

Scullion believes that an united approach would also help to boost tourism and deliver other possibilities for growth.

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