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NOffLA Welcomes North Decision On Minimum Pricing

Published on Dec 5 2014 10:58 AM in Drinks

NOffLA Welcomes North Decision On Minimum Pricing

NOffLA has welcomed the announcement by Northern Ireland Health Minister Jim Wells to introduce a minimum price for alcohol products, under which sales will not be permitted.

Under the new legislation, a minimum price of 50 pence per unit will be introduced, which would mainly impact drinks in the high-strength category, including cider, beers and certain spirits.

Commenting on the announcement, Evelyn Jones, Government Affairs Director, NOffLA stated; “This decision by Minister Wells is further confirmation that the introduction of a minimum unit price on alcohol is one of the most effective mechanisms by which we can promote the responsible retailing and consumption of alcohol." NOffLA reiterated its call for minimum unit pricing to be introduced as part of the government's forthcoming Public Health (Alcohol) Bill.

“Given the cross-border discussions on minimum unit pricing between the Government and the Northern Irish Executive at the North South Ministerial Council and the British Irish Council," Jones added, "we call on both Ministers for Health to continue this co-operation in the setting of a unified, high minimum unit price (such as £0.60p/€0.75c) so as to eradicate the sale of dangerously cheap alcohol across the entire island”.

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