Ignite Research Reveals Irish Health And Fitness Habits

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Ignite Research Reveals Irish Health And Fitness Habits

Ignite Research has found that married men are the most likely in Ireland to be ‘Exercise Enthusiasts’, while middle-aged rural women worry more about what they’re eating and ‘Diet, Don’t Do’

The findings come from Ignite’s 'Fitness & Food' survey of over 1,000 Irish people about their diet and exercise habits, along with their perceptions about their health. Data was collected in March of this year.

The study showed that urban-based Irish women across all age groups are the most likely to be ‘Fitness Foodies’, concerned about both diet and exercise combined. The ‘Fitness Foodie’ is also likely to take care of their mental health, while 87% perceive themselves as healthy.

Women between the ages of 25 and 55, living outside of towns and cities, are more likely to take care of their diet, rather than the amount of exercise they take. However, 82% of this same group say they are either healthy or very healthy.

Both ‘Fitness Foodies’ and ‘Diet, Don’t Do-ers’ make up the bulk of the population, at 35% and 36% respectively, showing a consumer base engaged with having a healthy lifestyle.


Men are more likely to focus on exercise over diet, with married men making 55% of this group. While 79% of this group say they are healthy, only 54% monitor their mental health at all.

Finally, there are ‘Resters’, who don’t spend much time on either fitness or diet. The most likely to be in this group are single men over the age of 45, particularly in the Munster region. Half of this group are over 45, with 36% not in relationships.

Ignite Research concludes that, “there is a strong relationship between people who focus on their fitness and their diet, and their mental and physical well being. This is not necessarily new news, but we now have a breakdown of Irish groups and their relationship with food and fitness.”

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