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InteractSMS Unveils New Bulk SMS Service

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InteractSMS Unveils New Bulk SMS Service

[Commercial Feature] InteractSMS has released a new, highly-anticipated bulk SMS service. SMS is a highly affective way to gain new customers and engage with existing ones at a low cost. InteractSMS have now made this easier than ever. The first thing customers will notice is the sleek new user interface used to create, send and analyse all your bulk SMS campaigns.

The service is still built around the same three simple steps:

1. Who do you want to send to? 2. Who do you want to send it from? 3. What do you want to say?

New Features

The platform upgrade has added a number of great new features, while all the existing functionality and usability that is currently available has also been retained. This new version clearly places InteractSMS ahead of competitors with this market-leading functionality.



Using filters you can segment your lists and only send messages to the most relevant people. All the customer information from your CRM can be uploaded onto InteractSMS. You can then automatically send messages to the customers that are relevant to each specific broadcast. This great tool will save you time and money, all while vastly improving the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns.

Smart Tags

Have you ever tried to send personalised SMS messages to hundreds or even thousands of contacts? If you have, you’ll love smart tags. Smart tags will automatically populate each SMS in a campaign with the values contained in your lists. All that you have to do is write one message.

InteractSMS application


Personalised message the user will receive

Improved Reporting

Sending out broadcasts is not much good if you can’t effectively measure their success. So the improved reporting section adds a lot of value to help achieve the maximum possible return on investment. These reports will show you what's working and what's not, so you can adjust your campaigns to get the best possible return on investment.

For more information, visit and see for yourself. Alternatively call +353 1 2843011 or email [email protected]

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