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Six Foods To Boost Your Energy This January

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Six Foods To Boost Your Energy This January

January is well underway and the cold snap make you feel sluggish and tired.

You might prefer curling up in bed to getting up and chasing New Year’s Resolutions.

But is it possible to find a natural boost by incorporating certain foods into your diet?

Hannah Duxbury, Ireland's head of culinary with Hello Fresh, recommends incorporating these six foods into your favourite recipes for a natural energy boost this winter.

Six Foods To Give You A Boost

1 Quinoa

quinoa and other grains

A great alternative for rice if you’re looking for something new, Quinoa’s plant-based protein and complex carbohydrates make it a sustained source of energy that will keep you feeling full and satisfied.


You can substitute quinoa for rice in stir-fries, salads, or use it as a base for a grain bowl.

Its nutty flavour and texture make it the perfect addition to a variety of dishes.

Why not try this Mexican Quinoa Salad with harissa lime dressing to mix things up?

2 Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes

Packed with complex carbohydrates, fibre, and essential vitamins, sweet potatoes are a great choice as part of a cosy meal.

Not only will they give you a needed boost, they add a delicious twist to every meal.


The sweet flavour can be a hearty addition to soups and stews, and you can roast or mash sweet potato for a tasty side dish.

3 Nuts and Seeds


Nuts and seeds are a delicious snack on their own, but adding them to meals can mean increased nutritional value while adding an extra crunch.

Sprinkle mixed nuts and seeds over yoghurt and cereal for some texture, or blend them into smoothies for a deeper flavour.

Why not sprinkle some peanuts on top of your favourite noodle dish, or add them to a salad or curry?

With the added healthy fats, protein, and fibre, you can’t go wrong.


4 Salmon


Grill, bake, or pan-sear this fish that is rich in omega-3 for a protein-packed energiser.

Salmon can be added to salads, wraps, pasta dishes, or as the hero of a dish enjoyed with some lemon and seasoning.

If you’re feeling adventurous, try this Teriyaki Glazed Salmon with broccoli and garlic rice for a wave of umami flavour.

5 Oats

A bowl of oats with a glass of milk beside it

It is no wonder that oats are so popular in the morning – they are diverse enough to support an array of flavours and are great for a slow release of energy to keep you going all morning.

A classic oatmeal is a warm and welcoming start to the winter days, but oats can also be incorporated into smoothies for added thickness, or they can form the base of an energy ball for a quick bite on-the-go.


Mix with ingredients like peanut butter, chia seeds, mashed dates and honey, form into balls and keep in the fridge as a grab-and-go snack.

They can also be added to muffins and pancakes for a healthy addition to a sweet morning treat.

6 Leafy Greens

Leafy greens in a shopping basket

Iron is an important mineral to keep your energy up, so including iron-rich leafy greens in your diet is key on lethargic winter days.

Spinach, kale, and Swiss chard are all great additions to your meals to combat tiredness.

Simply sauté some leafy greens with garlic and olive oil for a side dish, or add them to comforting soups and stews for added nutrition.

They can also be added to smoothies for a green boost or into your favourite sandwich for some extra crunch.

Try this Spinach and Mushroom Risotto for a rich winter meal packed with nutrients to ward off the cold.

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