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New Report Reveals Five Ways Mushrooms Will Play Role In Protecting Our Immunity In 2026

By Conor Farrelly
New Report Reveals Five Ways Mushrooms Will Play Role In Protecting Our Immunity In 2026

UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers has unveiled a new report, titled 'Mushrooming - the future of Mushrooms for Immunity: People and Planet.'

The report reveals several other functions to the plant beyond our current uses.


The new report sets out the ancient history of the mushroom, to more recent discoveries during COVID-19 of the benefits of mushrooms and how they have a role to play in increasing immunity for people and the planet. 

This includes five predictions for how the organism will be used for the immunity of humans, to help save the planet, and how human mushroom consumption could look like in five years.

Noel Hegarty, a spokesperson from The UK and Ireland Mushroom Producers, said: "Although mushrooms can be traced back 500 million years, now more than ever, they have a key role to play in helping people live healthier lives and to protect our immunity.

"Mycelium is Earth’s natural regenerator. We believe a deeper understanding of this natural material has the potential to profoundly impact the future of our health and our planets’, " Hegarty added.

Impact Of Mushrooms

The report details how mushrooms can impact on a variety of different facets of life.

They include: human immunity - by 2026 the group believes we will see the emergence of food enriched with mushrooms for immunity.

Food for immunity -  from burgers to beer, humans will continue to ingest mushroom nutrients in new ways.

Vitamin D - we are predicted to develop a deeper understanding of the anti-inflammatory and immune modulating functions of mushroom components.  

Planetary immunity - fungi will be used to protect and restore soils and natural habitats.

Fungi Furniture - in the future, mushrooms will be used to make everyday office furniture to coffins.

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