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Businesses Warned Against New Customer Scam

Published on Jun 15 2016 10:00 AM

Businesses Warned Against New Customer Scam

Banking Payment Federation Ireland (BPFI) and RGDATA have warned Irish businesses to be aware of a ‘new customer’ email scam.

In a statement released by BPFI, it has been revealed that a number of businesses have recently been targeted by fraudsters posing as new customers.

They order goods or services for which they make an overpayment, and then look for a refund. The initial order payment, usually a cheque or a draft, is later revealed to be a bogus, leaving the targeted business with a loss.

Businesses are therefore advised to be wary of new customers with unusually large orders, as well as those who only provide an email address for contact purposes.

BPFI also advises that businesses make sure any funds paid into their accounts are irremovable before making a refund, and to never feel pressured into making a refund until they are sure the original funds are legitimate and secure.

It adds that if business owners are concerned they have been targeted by such a scam, they should contact their bank, as well as report it the Gardaí.

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