Checkout At 40: Multiples Hold 86% Of Dublin Market (April 1986)

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Checkout At 40: Multiples Hold 86% Of Dublin Market (April 1986)

This year, Checkout commemorates its 40th anniversary and with this in mind, every week, Retail Intelligence is going to ‘reel in the years’ and publish a story from our extensive archives. This feature from April 1986 looks back at a report into consumer and grocery trends by Wilson Hartnell.

On a regional basis, the multiples now account for 86% of the market in County Dublin, compared with just 30% in Connaught and parts of Ulster. That’s just one of the gems of information reported in that treasure trove of consumer and grocery trend, the Wilson Hartnell Facts and Figures guide to the Irish market.

It also reports that recent figures indicate a continued reduction in Symbol Groups’ share in all geographical areas over the last 18 months. In Connaught/parts of Ulster, their share fell from 44.5% in December 1984 to 40% in May 1986; in Munster, 25.5% to 21%; in the rest of Leinster from 16.2% to 12%.

Meanwhile, the All Others category, incorporating independent retailers, has managed to hold onto its share

Apart from shares, this fact filled booklet also reveals interesting facts about the Irish housewife and consumer. Did you know, for instance, that the higher up the social scale a housewife is, the less likely she is to shop on a Friday?

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