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Half Of Alcohol Sold In Scotland Affected By Minimum Pricing

Published on Nov 15 2016 9:46 AM

Half Of Alcohol Sold In Scotland Affected By Minimum Pricing

At least 50% of alcohol sold in Scotland doesn’t meet the impending minimum price legislation.

After conducting an analyzise of till sales (EPOS data) in 1,200 stores recently, Neilsen discovered that spirits will be the most impacted as 69% of volume currently sold is below the 50p per unit threshold. Next up beer is seriously affected as 67% of volume is below the threshold, followed by cider at 51%.

However, wine seems to be the alcoholic drink that is the least affected as the report showed that a mere 3.5% of wine sales would be impacted. According to Marika Praticó, senior client manager at Nielsen: “Wine is, by far, the least impacted and so has the most to gain from minimum pricing. Overall, wine will need to raise prices by the least amount, thus, it becomes more affordable relative to other alcohol.”

As we are approaching Christmas Praticó highlighted that there may be an increase in cross-border alcohol shopping among the Scottish to England and Ireland, where prices would be cheaper, “mirroring what many Britons already do with the annual Calais run” she said.

She also pointed out that grocery shoppers might stock up ahead of the festive season in light of the impending price hike when the legislation comes in to force. This of course will keep alcohol retailers on their toes this Christmas, which could be as Practicó said “A bumper Christmas for alcohol retailers.”

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