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Did You Know? ... 23 July, 2019

By Publications Checkout
Did You Know? ... 23 July, 2019

Did you know ... 90% of Gino’s Gelato’s packaging is sustainable alternatives? The company uses biodegradable containers instead of plastic spoons, tubs, cups, and waffle and crepe containers. The company hopes it will be 100% sustainable by 2020. Jonathan Kirwan, founder, Gino’s Gelato said: “We strongly felt that it was our responsibility to lead the change in this area. We are taking responsibility for our own environmental impact and putting in the work, so that our customers don’t have to. I now want to make our shops as efficient and environmentally friendly as possible.”

Did you know ... drinking a cup of coffee first thing in the morning could be counterproductive? Coffee interferes with the production of the “stress hormone” cortisol, according to a YouTube channel called ASAP Science.  Cortisol helps us feel more alert, and its levels naturally peak in early mornings. So, if a person drinks coffee in the morning, the body will rely on caffeine and produce less of the hormone. Plus, one’s body could develop a tolerance of caffeine, so the coffee may have less of an effect. It's suggested that people drink coffee between 10 a.m. and noon and 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. or at least wait an hour after they wake up.

Did you know ...  red wine should be stored in the fridge — not the cupboard? According to The Daily Mail, the editor of The Oxford Companion to Wine, Jancis Robinson, said storing a bottle of wine in the fridge will slow down the wine’s oxidation, which affects the wine’s taste. But she also said some white wines should not be stored in a fridge for long periods of time.

Did you know ... US fast food chain restaurant Arby’s created a meat-based carrot? The “marrot” is made of turkey, wrapped in cheesecloth and coated in carrot marinade, according to The New York Times. The restaurant is not following the plant-based meat trend and is instead debating on whether or not to sell the marrot. Rob Lynch, president, Arby’s said in The New York Times' article: “For now, it is unclear whether the product will ever end up on a menu. We are actively working to determine whether or not we can scale this. I would probably put it at 50-50.”

Did you know ... people can make their own unicorn beer? According to Her Ireland, the Brooklyn Brewshop Unicorn IPA Beer Making Kit is for sale for €45 and kit provides almost all of the necessary ingredients. The beetroot and double dry-hopped with super fruity hops give the drink its naturally pink color.


Did you know ... some brides are walking down the aisle with bouquets of candy floss? The trend started in the US and spread to other parts of the world through social media, Her Ireland reported. Candy floss bouquets are also usually cheaper than flowers.

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