Did You Know, January 26, 2016

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Did You Know, January 26, 2016

Did you know… Musgrave lobbied the government late last year seeking tax breaks for family businesses? In discussions with a special advisor to the Taoiseach, the former chairman of Musgrave, Hugh MacKeown, asked for alterations to be made to the current system, to support families who passed businesses on to the next generation, The Irish Times reported.

Did you know… Brown Thomas may be getting a full pub license? According to TheJournal.ie, the establishment already holds a wine license for its restaurant, but its owner wishes to expand this.

Did you know… Nestlé has lost in its bid to trademark the design of its four-finger Kit Kat bars? The company submitted an unbranded, four-finger shape in its original application, but the ruling means that competitors can now launch similarly shaped chocolate bars, says MarketingMagazine.co.uk.

Did you know… There were over 150 agricultural-related lobbying actions in the last four months of 2015? The Irish Farmers Association has been revealed as the sector’s most prolific lobbyist, writes FarmersJournal.ie. Among the issues being addressed were the recent flooding, volatile milk and beef prices, and EU involvement in the sector.

Did you know… Dealz is offering a range of 'essentials' for Pancake Tuesday? The single-price retailer is selling baking equipment, from measuring jugs and bowls to hand whisks and sieves as part of its Jane Asher range, as well as pancake mixes and popular toppings, like Nutella and honey.


Did you know… Australian retailer Woolworths was forced to withdraw Australia Day merchandise after leaving Tasmania off hats it had produced? The Sydney Morning Herald reported that the island, which rests off the south coast of the mainland, was absent from the map embroidered on the celebratory hats. This caused an online backlash, which forced Woolworths to recall the items.

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