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Lidl Found In Breach Of Advertising Standards Code

Published on Sep 29 2016 11:07 AM in Retail tagged: Lidl / ASAI

Lidl Found In Breach Of Advertising Standards Code

The Advertising Standards Agency of Ireland (ASAI) independent Complaints Committee has found Lidl in breach of its Standards Code, according to its latest Complaints Bulletin.

The ad in question was a brochure featuring a picture of the product described as ‘Sol & Mar Breaded Crab Claws’. The description on the product box featured on the leaflet however described it as ‘Muslitos de Mar Breaded Crab Claws’.

The complainant said that the product name on the box, ‘Muslitos de Mar’, translated to ‘Sea Drumsticks’ in English, while the advertisers had referred to the product as ‘Breaded Crab Claws’.

The complainant also claimed the product consisted mainly of crab flavoured surimi fish and that it was misleading to advertise it as ‘crab claws’.

In response, Lidl expressed regret at its description and admitted that while the ‘claws’ that were breaded were crab claws, the filling was not, as the complainant indicated, crab meat.

Lidl has cancelled any future printing of the packaging and has also informed its UK counterpart of the error.

The Complaints Committee considered the details of the complaint and the advertisers’ response. It determined that the advertising was in breach of Sections 4.1, and 4.4 of the Code.

However, given the steps taken by the advertisers to ensure that the advertising did not appear in the same format again, no further action was required in this case.

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