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Lidl Ireland Reveals Top Healthy January Products

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Lidl Ireland Reveals Top Healthy January Products

Lidl Ireland has revealed the top-selling products for January, revealing health-conscious choices as the new year gets under way.

Carrots and broccoli performed well, as they always do, with cucumber being the next most popular vegetable of the month, with over 490,000 sold.

Meath was the county that purchased the most cucumbers.

Celery followed – the top vegetable in Sligo – then Dublin favourite aubergine, with Galway’s pick – courgettes – just behind.

The people of Cavan indulged in the fibre-rich sweet potato, a comforting carb for winter meals.


Fruit And Snacks

Bananas were the most popular fruit, with an incredible 6.4 million sold already in 2024.

Antioxidant-rich blueberries came next, followed by easy-peeler oranges.

For an exotic twist, Lidl customers picked up 570,000 kiwis – almost double the combined populations of Cavan, Clare and Limerick, which were the top three purchasers of the fruit.

More than half a million avocados were purchased from Lidl stores, with Meath, once again, leading the charge.

In the tired winter weeks, high-protein snacks were also a popular option.


Lidl’s high-protein puddings, drinks and quark made for healthy dessert alternatives that gave an energy boost on dark winter days.

Healthy Habits

Lidl ambassador, pharmacist and author of The Food Pharmacy Jess Redden shared her advice for keeping up healthy eating habits and building a healthy routine using Lidl’s products.

According to Redden:

  1. Preparation is Key: As a new mum to a five-month-old, our routine is constantly changing, so preparation and planning is so important. It’s harder to find time to buy ingredients and cook every day, so I break it up by batch cooking at the weekends. When it comes to snacks, keep the cupboard stocked and never cut out food groups that you enjoy. Lidl’s range of healthy snacks is ever growing, and some of my favourites include Lidl’s Fibre Up popcorn bars and Lidl’s high-protein puddings, to satisfy my sweet cravings.
  2. The Power of Protein: Another key focus for me is getting enough protein at each meal, to help me feel full for longer and decrease cravings. A great source of protein that can be added easily to any dish are pulses, like chickpeas and lentils. Avocado is another tasty addition to your meals, offering a healthy fat-packed option, for a fuller, longer-lasting breakfast or lunch.
  3. Make Smart Swaps: I’m a big believer in making smart swaps that you actually like. Consider switching up your usual staples with nutrient-dense alternatives. Lidl has a great range of ‘low’ alternatives that have helped me make a realistic swap. Some of my swaps include Lidl’s 0% fat Greek yoghurt, low-sugar Seville orange marmalade and low-sugar granola. The smallest change can make a big difference.

The sales statistics used are from 1 to 25 January 2024.

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