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Re-turn Replaces Some Deposit Return Scheme Machines

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Re-turn Replaces Some Deposit Return Scheme Machines

A small number of reverse vending machines (RVMs) have been replaced by Re-turn, as the company continues to advance the Deposit Return Scheme (DRS), RTÉ reported today.

Re-turn noted that the number of machines changed amounts to fewer than 1% of those around the country.

In a statement to RTÉ News, Re-turn noted that it was working closely with the suppliers of the RVMs and retailers to resolve issues that have come to the fore.

These include issues relating to the efficient running of the machines and the impact of technical issues on early reliability.

It noted that these issues have been addressed, and reliability has improved across the network.


The company added, however, that some retailers have decided to switch RVMs to an alternative manufacturer.

The changes came as consumers complained about issues with the machines.

These centred around having trouble returning containers and reclaiming deposits.


Re-turn noted that the number of bottles and cans being returned is steadily increasing.

Over 20 million containers had been returned by the end of March.


Tuesday 7 May marked the highest single day of returns so far, with 2.39 million thereof.

This is a significant jump from two million returns in the entire month of February, the first month of the scheme.

According to Re-turn, there are now 2,300 RVMs in operation around the country – an increase of 500 since the DRS started.

In April, 50 million containers were returned as part of the scheme.

The company has resisted publishing what percentage of containers are being returned, noting that it is too early to do so.


This is due to commercial sensitivity and the fact that the four-month transition period wherein old stock can be sold without the deposit has not yet expired.

From 1 June, all drink containers sold will have a deposit applied. They will be eligible to return, empty and undamaged.

In response to reports that individuals have been able to claim the same deposit over and over by pulling containers out of RVMs once the bar code has been read, Re-turn noted that attempts to defraud the scheme are against the law.

It added that it will pass any evidence of this behaviour to the relevant authorities.

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