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Tesco Ireland Launches Clubcard Unpacked To Reveal Top Sales In 2023

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Tesco Ireland Launches Clubcard Unpacked To Reveal Top Sales In 2023

Tesco Ireland today launched Clubcard Unpacked 2023, which allows Clubcard members to get a personalised look at their shopping habits and see how much they have saved in the past year.

The campaign also reveals which products are ‘top of the shops’ overall, with milk occupying four of the top five spots.

Avocado took the other spot, at number four, knocking Irish favourites such as Brennans’ sliced pan and Coca-Cola Zero off the top five.

Most-Purchased Items In 2023:

  1. Tesco Fresh Milk (2-Litre)
  2. Tesco Full-Fat Milk (3-Litre)
  3. Tesco Fresh Milk (1-Litre)
  4. Tesco Ripe & Ready Avocado
  5. Tesco Low-Fat Milk (2-Litre)

The Nation’s Favourites

The campaign reveals which labels came out on top in brand rivalries in the Tesco aisles.

Shoppers overwhelmingly chose Tayto over King Crisps, with 96% of Clubcard members opting for the former.


In the debate of Lyons versus Barry’s Tea, it was close, but Barry’s nudged ahead, with 56% of shoppers preferring it to Lyons.

In its home county of Cork, Barry’s had 80% of shoppers choosing it over Lyons, whereas in Donegal, Louth and Monaghan, Lyons was preferred.

Nearly 70% chose Heinz tomato ketchup over Chef tomato ketchup, and in Wicklow, Heinz had a further lead, at 76%.

The top meal deal combination was revealed to be the Tesco Chicken Tikka Wrap with Walkers Cheese & Onion crisps and Coca-Cola Zero.

Clubcard members will be able to compare their favourite meal deal with the overall favourite and see how they fare.


Clubcard Unpacked

For members, Clubcard Unpacked will reveal the number of points that each individual has earned, and how – whether it was from shopping in store, filling up his/her/their car in a Certa station, or talking on Tesco Mobile.

It will also reveal in-depth results, such as the customer’s favourite products or aisles, and his/her/their most-visited store.

This will be available on the app as a Clubcard Unpacked video.

Shoppers who have not spent their points will be shown how they can get the most value from them, whether it is to get money off their groceries or to cover a Reward Partners experience, like a trip to Dublin Zoo or a meal at Milano.

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