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Top 10 Healthiest Countries In Europe Revealed

By Donna Ahern
Top 10 Healthiest Countries In Europe Revealed

Sweden is the healthiest country in Europe, research shows.

A new study carried out by Snuff Store reveals the top ten healthiest countries in Europe.

1 – Sweden

Sweden not only ranks as one of the highest countries for quality of life, but data also shows that it’s one of the healthiest countries in Europe. Boasting the lowest number of smokers in Europe, Sweden also has the second-highest life expectancy – at 83 – and one of the lowest obesity rates, which can be attributed to low levels of physical inactivity and the fact that Swedes drink less than those in much of Europe.

2 – Finland


Finland also has very low smoking rates, with less than 10% of the population being smokers. Like its Scandinavian neighbours, Finland also has low obesity rates and a high life expectancy (82). The Finnish are also some of the most physically active, with only 16% of the population being insufficiently active, according to WHO.

3 – Moldova

Moldova is the third-healthiest country – this is due to its low obesity rates, which are the second lowest in Europe. These low levels could be put down to the percentage of the population that is insufficiently active, which, according to the WHO, is the lowest in Europe.

4 – Belarus

Belarus has one of the lowest levels of physical inactivity, and with over 23,000 sports venues – 2.5 for every 1,000 people – it’s clear to see that there is no lack of activity in which to participate. The country also has five doctors per 1,000 people, which is above average. Belarusians do smoke and drink more than other nations, however, it still has a below-average obesity rate and low levels of depression.


5 – Norway

Norway has the highest smoking rate out of the Scandinavian countries, but it is still one of the lowest in Europe, at 10%. Norwegians also drink less than most other nations and have a lower-than-average obesity rate, at 23%.

6 – Iceland

Iceland has the second-lowest percentage of smokers in Europe, with only 7.5% of the population classed as such. The country also has a high life expectancy – of 82 years – and healthy habits, with low alcohol consumption as well.

7 – Switzerland


Switzerland has the third-lowest obesity rate in Europe and the highest life expectancy, at 84 years. The Swiss also report lower levels of chronic depression and have more doctors per 1,000 people than the European average.

8 – France

France has the most doctors per 1,000 people in Europe, and the nation has an obesity rate of 21%. Only 17% of the population smokes, which is high in the top ten, but lower than average in comparison to the rest of Europe.

9 – Belgium

Belgium is the ninth-healthiest country in Europe. This is due to its low smoking rates, high life expectancy, and lower-than-average depression reports. Belgium also has a great healthcare system, with six doctors for every 1,000 people.


10 – United Kingdom

The UK is the tenth-healthiest country in Europe. Smoking rates in the UK are 15%, which is lower than much of Europe, however, the UK has a higher obesity rate, at 27%. This could be due to the high percentage of the population who are insufficiently active. Despite this, life expectancy is 82 years, which is one of the highest outcomes in Europe.

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