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Irish-Founded Paynt Brings Cashless Tipping System URocked To Ireland

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Irish-Founded Paynt Brings Cashless Tipping System URocked To Ireland

Cashless tipping provider URocked will launch their suite of products in Ireland, it was announced today.

The provider has been hailed as an “all-in-one” solution to the country’s tipping legislation across the service industry.


As the Irish URocked offices open one of the co-founders and Cork-native Sam Kholi seeks to bring innovative solutions home.

Kholi founded leading payment service provider Paynt in 2014.

Paynt operates across 30 countries within the EU and has offices in London, New York, Vilnius and now Ireland.


In 2023, URocked became part of the Paynt group.


Ireland’s tipping legislation, updated in December 2022, states that companies must disclose how tips are distributed to staff.

It also states that staff should receive a breakdown of electronic tips received and how they are distributed.

URocked operates by ensuring that 100% of electronic tips go straight to employees’ digital wallets.

This eliminates employer involvement and simplifies payroll.


Feedback on the system suggests that the number of tips received by staff increases with the system by simplifying tip distribution.

‘Increasing Tips’

Speaking about the Irish launch, Kholi said, “Our URocked solution optimises the existing tipping process, ensuring staff receive 100% of tips without imposing administrative or tax responsibilities on business owners, all while staying legally compliant.

“With the new tipping legislation, the demand for a compliant and cost-effective solution has been increasing rapidly.

“We believe our solution will benefit operators across the services and hospitality sector by increasing tips, improving transparency, and reducing the administration burden.”

Kholi concluded, “In addition to this, URocked will inadvertently increase the income of staff in the hospitality industry, not only as a result of digitalisation, but also due to the revolutionary approach of the solutions.”


The Restaurants Association of Ireland (RAI) have announced their support for URocked, which is their new patronage partner.

A spokesperson from RAI said, “As cashless tipping becomes increasingly popular in Ireland, we’re excited to welcome ‘URocked’ as our newest patronage partner.”

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