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TENA Study Finds Bladder Weakness Solutions A Growing Category

Published on Mar 13 2015 12:14 PM in Uncategorised

TENA Study Finds Bladder Weakness Solutions A Growing Category

According to new research from TENA, light bladder weakness is actually one of the most common health issues amongst women, even more than hayfever.

The latest research has found that one in two women (54%) experience light bladder weakness on a regular basis, making it twice as common as hayfever (27%).

It was also found as more common than a host of other ailments including coughs (18%), colds (20%) and sore throats (16%). Bladder weakness is also three times more likely to occur than eczema, mouth ulcers and indigestion (13%).

Even with this high level of occurrence, the research suggested that it prevents one in 10 women from doing things within their usual routine. Worryingly, some 41% of women admitted that they neglect their social lives because of the condition.

According to the survey, bladder weakness is the biggest worry for more than a quarter (28%) of pregnant women of all of their post-pregnancy concerns.

A staggering 20% of all women are turning to unsuitable sanitary protection, opting for products for periods rather than bladder weakness.

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