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Stanley Tucci And Amy Huberman Celebrate Irish Hospitality With Tanqueray No. Ten

By Sarah O'Sullivan
Stanley Tucci And Amy Huberman Celebrate Irish Hospitality With Tanqueray No. Ten

Stanley Tucci and Amy Huberman met in Dublin last week to mark the launch of Tanqueray No. Ten’s celebration of exceptional cocktail artistry.

The event paid homage to the spirit of Irish hospitality that champions bar creativity and craftmanship in Ireland.

Specialty Cocktails

Through the lens of iconic bar culture, the Diageo brand is collaborating with three tastemakers known for their skill in the cocktail industry.

These tastemakers are Oisín Kelly, bar manager of the Sidecar at the Westbury, Adeline Valdivia, head mixologist of the glovebox at Allta and Andy Ferreria, co-founder of the Cask in Cork.

During Tucci’s time in Ireland, he and Huberman met with each bartender – Kelly, Valdivia and Ferreria – to share stories about what makes Irish hospitality so special.


Tucci and Huberman also learned about each bartender’s craft and the inspiration behind their bespoke Tanqueray No. Ten cocktails.

Using the liquor and Irish ingredients such as Valentia Island vermouth, foraged geranium and Irish sea salt and honey, the bartenders showed off their skills by developing signature cocktails.

Each cocktail will be available at each bartender’s venue.

The signature cocktails are ‘New Found’ available at the Sidecar, ‘Bloomsbury Heart’ at Glovebox, Allta, and ‘Tunnel Vision’ at Cask Cork.

‘A Beautiful Homage’

Tanqueray No. Ten has released a newly designed bottle in conjunction with the residencies.


The new bottle features a copper cap with a citrus-grater texture.

The light, translucent green bottle has a citrus press-shaped glass structure at is base, and a red wax seal.

Speaking about the celebration, Tucci said, “I’m delighted to be back in Ireland with Tanqueray No. Ten to uncover and celebrate the talent of three bartenders who are true artists and who embody the spirit of Irish hospitality.

“Cocktail making is a unique craft, that welcomes curious and inventive minds to push the boundaries of flavour and bar cocktail culture.

“The new bottle is a beautiful homage to the brand’s heritage, craft and longstanding place in the world of bartending.”


Master distiller Terry Fraser added, “Tanqueray No. TEN has always pioneered bringing gin to new levels, and this stunning new bottle is a testament to our craft.

“Using whole citrus fruits to capture the ‘citrus heart’ in our historic Tiny Ten still sets us apart from other gin distillations, making this the perfect element for the zenith of cocktail making excellence.

“The gin’s unique balance and refreshing taste are key to creating balanced drinks.

“It’s a delight to see how it’s used in the best drinks in the world.”

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