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SuperValu Is First Irish Supermarket To Introduce Own Brand Compostable Grass Trays For Organic Apples

Published on Oct 29 2020 1:42 PM in Packaging And Design tagged: Trending Posts / Apples / SuperValu / Recycle

SuperValu Is First Irish Supermarket To Introduce Own Brand Compostable Grass Trays For Organic Apples

SuperValu has announced that Organic Apples will now be sold in Compostable Grass Trays.

October is the most popular month for Organic Apple sales in SuperValu and the new compostable packaging on organic apples will divert a massive 1 tonne of plastic from landfill.

The new compostable grass trays are pulp based and composed of grass and wood or recycled paper fibre, they can be composted easily at home in the brown compost bin found in most homes.

Over 340,000 Organic Apples are sold in SuperValu every year and this is another significant move in SuperValu’s commitment to making 100 per cent of SuperValu own-brand, fresh produce and in-store packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Organic Apple Bags

In addition to the compostable trays for Organic Apples, Organic Apple bags will move to compostable bags in November, the retailer said.

The bags are made of made of sugar cane, thistle and sunflower seed oil and can be composted at home in the brown compost bin. The organic citrus fruit range will also move to compostable nets in November. With 380,000 units sold each year, this move will divert another 1.1 tonnes of plastic from landfill.

In 2019 an enormous 84 tonnes of black unrecyclable plastic was removed from produce packaging by moving to loose produce, cardboard or recyclable plastic as part of SuperValu’s sustainable packaging strategy to make 100% of its Own Brand and fresh fruit and vegetable packaging recyclable, reusable or compostable by 2025.

Ray Kelly, interim managing director, SuperValu, said, “Apple season is here, and we’re delighted to announce SuperValu is moving another product line, Organic Apples, to compostable packaging. At SuperValu we’re committed to removing unnecessary plastic from our own-brand packaging. We stock the largest range of loose fruit and veg in Ireland and for products that do require packaging we’re moving them to compostable or recyclable.”

“With the move of organic apples and organic citrus fruits to compostable packaging, in 2020 alone we have removed plastic packaging from 30 product lines. So far, these changes have diverted 380Kg of plastic from landfill annually, a positive move that will impact every community we operate in around Ireland,” he added.

SuperValu said that it is committed to reducing its carbon footprint in Ireland by 70% by 2025.

In addition to moving to sustainable packaging SuperValu is committed to operating all facilities with 100% green electricity and to sending no recoverable waste to landfill.

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