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29% Of Irish Consumers Buy Wine Once A Week

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29% Of Irish Consumers Buy Wine Once A Week

Over a quarter (29%) of Irish consumers purchase wine at least once a week according to the latest Consumer Insights survey from Empathy Research.

Of 1,010 participants, it was mostly older age groups that said they buy wine at least once a week; 18-24 (17%), 25-34 (21%), 35-44 (32%) and 45+ (35%). Interestingly, it was participants from Dublin that were most likely to buy wine once a week (36%), a noticeable increase on other regions surveyed; rest of Leinster (30%), Connacht/Ulster (25%) and Munster (24%). 

When asked where shoppers buy their wine most often, the majority (87%) of those who buy wine do so at supermarkets, with more women (92%) than men (82%) doing so. Just 11% say they buy their wine from independent off-licences, with more men (15%) than women (6%) and participants without children (12% vs. 9% with children) choosing off-licences as their preferred point of purchase. The remaining 2% of wine purchasers buy wine from convenience stores most often, however this was noticeably higher amongst 25-34 year olds (6%) compared to all other age groups (1%).

Given the current financial climate, it’s somewhat unsurprising that over half (53%) of those who buy wine identified 'price' as their most important factor when choosing wine. Understandably this was highest amongst the younger age groups, where less disposable income may be available; 18-24 (69%), 25-34 (58%), 35-44 (52%) and 45+ (48%). 

Price was followed by 'country of origin/varietal' and is the most important factor for a quarter of wine purchasers. Over a third (35%) of wine purchasers aged 35-44 years old mentioned 'country of origin/varietal' as being most important to them when buying wine, which was somewhat higher than all other age groups; 18-24 (8%), 25-34 (22%) and 45+ (26%).


Over two-fifths (46%) of wine purchasers would be more likely to buy a particular wine if it had a round price point, with both men (46%) and women (47%) in equal agreement. When it came to different age groups however, slightly more 18-24 year olds would be persuaded by round price points compared to other age groups; 25-34 (46%), 35-44 (49%) and 45+ (44%). Despite price being the most important factor for many wine purchasers, almost half (49%) believe round price points would have no impact on their purchase decision for a particular wine.

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