31% Of Irish Consumers Buy Flavoured Alcoholic Drinks

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31% Of Irish Consumers Buy Flavoured Alcoholic Drinks

Almost a third (31%) of Irish shoppers buy flavoured beverages such as fruit flavoured beers, ciders or spirits at least once a month, according to the latest Consumer Insights survey by Empathy Research.

Of 959 participants in the survey, the youngest age group are the most likely to buy flavoured alcoholic drinks, with 18-24 year olds (52%), while purchase is less likely among 25-34 year olds (31%), 35-44 year olds (34%) and 45+ year olds (25%). By gender, 33% males buy flavoured beverages at least once a month, which is slightly higher compared to females (29%).

When asked what specific type of flavoured drink they buy, nearly half (46%) opt for cider. Under 45s have a stronger preference for flavoured ciders with half of 18-24 year olds (58%), 25-34 year olds (49%) and 35-44 year olds (52%) buying flavoured ciders, compared to 36% of 45+ year olds. Beer is also a popular type of flavoured alcoholic drink with almost two fifths (39%) of purchasers buying them.

Elsewhere, about a third (29%) of those that purchase flavoured beverages say they buy flavoured spirits, which is mostly driven by females (32%) and less likely among males (2%). Flavoured spirits also seem more popular among the under 35s; 18-24 (41%), 25-34 (34%), 35-44 (22%) and 45+ (24%). Regionally, Dubliners are more likely to buy flavoured spirits compared to all other regions; Dublin (39%), Rest of Leinster (26%), Munster (20%) and Connacht/Ulster (27%).

When asked where people buy their choice of flavoured drinks, the majority (81%) buy them at supermarkets. This was shown to be higher amongst those aged 35-44 (88%) and 45+ year olds (86%) than 18-24 year olds (70%) and 25-34 year olds (74%). The next most popular place to buy flavoured drinks was from an off-licence, with over a third (37%) buying them there. More men (42%) than women women (33%) buy flavoured beverages at an off-licence.


The survey also showed that 28% of flavoured beverage buyers said they are buying more of them than they did 12 months ago, which is slightly higher among males (30%) than females (25%). Dubliners have seen the greatest increase in the amount of flavoured beverages bought in the last year, with 35% saying they buy more flavoured beverages than they did last year. This is noticeably higher than all of the regions; rest of Leinster (21%), Munster (29%) and Connacht/Ulster (19%).

Two fifths (39%) of flavoured drinks buyers said that they would like to see more innovation in this area. Younger age groups were more of this opinion compared to older age groups; 18-24 (53%), 25-34 (41%), 35-44 (34%) and 45+ (35%). The same level of buyers would also like to see a wider range of flavours offered, with almost half (46%) of those living in Dublin wanting a wider range of flavours. This is somewhat higher compared to all other regions Rest of Leinster (38%), Munster (37%) and Connacht/Ulster (33%).

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