RETAIL INTELLIGENCE: 76% of Irish Shoppers Buy Cordial Beverages

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RETAIL INTELLIGENCE: 76% of Irish Shoppers Buy Cordial Beverages

Three-quarters (76%) of Irish consumers are purchasers of cordial drinks according to the latest Consumer Intelligence report by Empathy Research.

Of the 926 participants, over half (53%) buy cordial drinks at least once a month, with a quarter (28%) buying it as often as once a week. The majority of parents (85%) buy cordial drinks, as opposed to those without children (68%). When it comes to age groups preferences, the 25-34 (83%) and the 35-44 (84%) groups were most likely to buy cordial drinks, while other ages were found to be somewhat less likely to purchase them, 18-24 (77%) and 45+ (74%).

Of those who buy cordial as often as once a week, women were less likely (51%) than men to purchase this often (58%). Parents are the most frequent buyers of cordial, with two-fifths (41%) buying it at least once a week. Just 15% of those without children buy cordial once a week. When parents were asked whether they tended to purchase cordial for their children, 45% said they did.

Meanwhile, two-thirds (67%) of all those surveyed who buy cordial only buy 'sugar-free' varieties. Men (67%) and women (68%) were close in agreement in preferring to buy sugar-free cordial while the older age groups were most likely to buy sugar-free with 45+ (73%) and 35-44 (66%), and dramatically less were the 18-24 (42%) and 25-34 (62%) groups.

The general consensus was that cordial drinks are healthier than soft drinks, with 67% of all participants agreeing so. There also appears to be equal agreement across most age groups; slightly more females (68% vs. 65% males) and parents (69% vs. 64% without children) were of this opinion.


A quarter (25%) of the survey respondents mentioned they buy cordial only when products are offered on price promotion, with more males (28%) than females (23%) agreeing that promotions sway their buying habits.

Younger age groups were most influenced by price promotions on cordial drinks, with two-thirds (36%) of 18-24 years olds only buying them on promotion. This was somewhat higher than those aged 25-34 (29%), however it was significantly higher than the older groups, 35-44 (25%) and 45+ (22%). Respondents without children were also more likely (29%) to buy cordial only when on offer than parents (21%).

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