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A Quarter Of Irish Adults Are Frequent Home Bakers

By Publications Checkout
A Quarter Of Irish Adults Are Frequent Home Bakers

Almost a quarter (24%) of Irish adults are frequent home bakers according to the latest Consumer Insights survey by Empathy Research.

Of 962 participants, this was more common amongst women (35%) than men (12%). A further 52% of Irish consumers occasionally bake at home, with women (56%) again being the more likely of the genders than men (47%). Interesting to note is that almost a quarter of Irish adults also never bake at home, which was driven by men (41%), followed by women (9%).

When asked if they bake from scratch or by using pre-mix boxes, the majority (71%) said they only bake from scratch. Significantly more women (79%) than men (59%) only bake from scratch, while the majority (81%) of home bakers aged 55+ years bake at home using ingredients from scratch only. The older age group was shown to be noticeably more interested in baking from scratch than all other age groups; 18-24 years (68%), 25-34 years (66%), 35-44 years (68%) and 45-54 years (70%).

Just 9% of home bakers typically bake at home using pre-mixes only. It was found that male home bakers are far more likely to bake using pre-mixes compared to their female counterparts (15% males vs. 5% females). A further fifth of home bakers use a mixture of ingredients from scratch and pre-mixes which was again shown to be higher amongst men (26% vs. 16% women).

The survey also asked participants how they buy their baking ingredients, with seven out of 10 saying they buy as and when they need them. Less than one in 10 said that they wait to stock up on baking ingredients when they are on promotion, while a further quarter (24%) of home bakers do both. Women (27%) were found to be significantly more likely to buy their baking ingredients as they are needed while also stocking up on promotion than men (20%).


When asked why they bake at home, 55% of home bakers said that it is an enjoyable activity, with more women (59%) than men (49%) saying so. Almost half of home bakers also say it’s fun to bake (48%), have a preference for home baking (42%) and believe home baking is healthier (42%). Young home bakers aged under 45 were more likely to agree that baking at home is an enjoyable experience while older home bakers aged over 45 show a stronger preference toward home baking for the health benefits associated with it.

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