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Almost A Quarter Of Irish Adults Buy A Lasagne Kit Monthly

By Donna Ahern
Almost A Quarter Of Irish Adults Buy A Lasagne Kit Monthly

Almost a quarter (22%) of adults claim to purchase lasagne kits once a month or more often, this puts the purchase of lasagne kits in line with the purchase of pasta bake sauces (21%) and lasagne white sauce (22%) in single serves. This research, conducted on behalf of Retail Intelligence by Empathy Research, amongst a nationally representative sample of 1,011 adults aged 18+, sought to understand purchase behaviour in the pasta sauce category.

Purchase of lasagne kits once a month or more often is quite evenly spread across age groups, with no one particular age group driving purchase. However, there is a significant difference in purchase frequency evident in gender. Males (26%) are significantly more likely to purchase lasagne kits than females (16%), at least monthly.

As we have recorded in other areas of the pasta sauce category, Dolmio leads the way in the category in terms of the brands of lasagne kits typically purchased, with almost three quarters (74%) claiming to buy this brand. Supermarket private label brands aren’t as strong in this area of the category, with own-brand lasagne kits being purchased by just 1 in 5 (19%) with Roma being purchased by almost a quarter (23%) of those who purchase lasagne kits.

Conversion from typically purchasing a brand to being the most preferred brand to purchase is strong for Dolmio, with 70% of lasagne kit buyers choosing Dolmio as their most preferred brand. In line with relatively lower levels of own brand lasagne kits being purchased, than recorded in this category than in other categories, affinity to private label is not quite as strong. Just 1 in 10 (11%) purchasers claim that the private label brand they buy, is their most preferred brand of all brands in the category.

Dolmio’s heritage and longevity are key drivers of purchase, with just over half of those who buy Dolmio lasagne kits (53%) claiming Dolmio is their most preferred brand because “it’s the one I’ve always used”. Dolmio also performs well on taste, with 47% of those who claim Dolmio is their most preferred brand claiming, “it tastes the best” as the reason for their preference.


For further information and more in-depth analysis on consumer behaviour when it comes to purchasing lasagne kits, please contact Robbie Clarke at Empathy Research

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