Half Of Irish Shoppers Price Compare Online

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Half Of Irish Shoppers Price Compare Online

Half of Irish consumers have used a price comparison website, according to the latest Consumer Insights survey by Empathy Research.

Of 590 participants, men were more likely (53%) to have compared prices online than women (47%). Age wise, 61% of 18-35 year olds and 53% of 35-44 year olds have used price comparison websites when shopping online, which is significantly higher than 45-54 year olds (47%) and 55+ year olds (37%).

Regionally, the survey showed that Dubliners (54%) and the rest of Leinster (53%) appear to be more tech savvy when shopping online, compared to Munster (50%) and Connacht/Ulster (36%) shoppers.

When asked why shoppers used price comparison websites, the majority (85%) said in order to ‘find the best deal’. This was followed by comparing products (64%), reading reviews (46%) and viewing product ratings (33%). Meanwhile almost a third (30%) have used a price comparison website to ‘save time’.

Interestingly, just 22% of Irish shoppers have compared grocery costs before by checking supermarket prices online, with almost a quarter of men (21%) and women (23%) doing so. Regarding age, 35-44 year olds seem the most likely (29%) to check supermarket prices online compared to the other age groups; 18-34 years (22%, 45-54 years (23%) and 55+ years (18%).


Slightly more (27%) parents said that they have compared grocery stores online than participants without children (19%). Dubliners (30%) are also more likely to have checked supermarket grocery prices online compared to all the other regions; rest of Leinster (21%), Munster (18%) and Connacht/Ulster (19%).

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