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Close To Two Thirds Of Consumers Aware Of ABV Measures On Alcohol

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Close To Two Thirds Of Consumers Aware Of ABV Measures On Alcohol

The latest Consumer Insights report from Empathy Research has found that close to two thirds (64%) of Irish consumers are aware of Alcohol by Volume (ABV or alc/vol) measures on a typical alcoholic drink.

Those who were aware of the term were then asked to describe it, to the best of their knowledge. A third of respondents (32%) think it refers to the percentage of alcohol contained within a drink. A further 31% cited that alcohol by volume is the amount of alcohol found in an alcoholic beverage. Just over 1 in 10 (12%) associate alcohol by volume with the strength of the alcohol.

When buying alcohol, almost half of alcohol purchasers cited they ‘rarely’ (23%) or ‘never’ (26%) consider the alcohol percentage. Breaking this down into age groups, 3 out of 10 alcohol purchasers aged 18-24 years old said that they regularly consider the alcohol percentage when buying alcohol. This is significantly higher than all other age groups; 25-34 year (8%), 35-44 years (11%), 45-54 years (10%) and 55+ years (13%).

When asked how much of a price increase would have an impact on their purchases, most alcohol purchasers cited there would be no impact on their purchase of alcohol if alcohol prices were to increase by as little as 5% (64%) or even 10% (45%). However, if there was to be an increase in price of 15%, two-thirds of alcohol purchasers cited they would purchase less alcohol while the vast majority (71%) would purchase less if it were to increase up to 20%.

Looking at this by age, 18-24 year olds appear to be most price sensitive when it comes to alcohol with the vast majority (65%) indicating that an increase in price as low as 10% would have an impact their purchase behaviour.

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