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Vitamins Prove Popular With Over Half Of Irish Consumers

Published on Dec 8 2015 7:30 AM

Vitamins Prove Popular With Over Half Of Irish Consumers

According to the latest Consumer Insights report from Empathy Research, just over half (52%) of Irish consumers buy/take vitamins. This is predominantly driven by females (59%), with males less likely to buy/take vitamins (44%).

Of those who buy/take vitamins, over half (55%) take them every day, while a further three in ten (31%) take vitamins a few times a week. Looking at this by age, older age groups are also more likely to take vitamins daily compared to younger age groups; 18-24 years (18%), 25-34 year (52%), 35-44 years (54%), 45-54 years (65%) and 55+ years (69%).

Two fifths (40%) of Irish vitamin buyers purchase their vitamins from supermarkets most often, while one in three (33%) indicated they prefer to buy vitamins in pharmacies most often.

Fewer than 1 in 4 (24%) vitamin buyers purchase vitamins from a health food store most often. This is predominantly driven by those with no children (29% vs. 17% with children).

Two in five (40%) vitamin buyers also say they prefer to buy mainstream brands of vitamins over own-brand products. Both male (40%) and female (39%) buyers appear to be of equal agreement here.

Those who buy vitamins from a pharmacy (48%) or a health food store (41%) most often are significantly more likely to purchase mainstream brands compared to those who buy vitamins from supermarkets (30%). More than a quarter (28%) of vitamin buyers indicated that they typically by store own brands of vitamins and the remaining 32% of vitamin buyers purchase a mixture of both.

Price and promotions appear to be important driving factors when buying vitamins, with almost half (47%) of vitamin buyers indicating they only buy branded vitamins if they are on special offer. Trust is also a key driver, with a similar level (46%) of buyers saying they only buy vitamins from brands they recognise.

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