26% Of Irish Shoppers Buy Energy Drinks

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26% Of Irish Shoppers Buy Energy Drinks

A quarter (26%) of Irish shoppers buy energy drinks, according to the latest Consumer Intelligence survey by Empathy Research.

However, of the 955 participants in the survey, more men (29%) than women (23%) were found to be more likely to buy energy drinks. Of the age groups, the younger the participants, the higher tendency to buy energy drinks, with 40% of 18-24 years olds, 33% of 25-34, 25% of 35-44 and 20% of 45+ year olds buying energy drinks. Regionally, nearly a third (32%) of participants living in Leinster excluding Dublin buy energy drinks. This was found to be slightly higher than those living in Connacht/Ulster (29%) but significantly higher than Dublin (25%) and Munster (20%) residents.

Brand-wise, Lucozade is the most popular energy drink amongst Irish shoppers, with nearly three-quarters of energy drink purchasers choosing it above other brands. Red Bull follows as the next most popular (33%), followed by Powerade (26%), while interestingly, own-brand energy drinks take up 22% of the vote. The remaining buyers choose Monster (12%) and Boost (12%).

When it comes to the frequency of consumers buying energy drinks, more than a fifth (42%) of the survey respondents buy them at least once a week. Again, more men (45%) than women (38%) buy them as frequently as once a week, and 45% of respondents with children buy them at least once a week compared to 38% of those without children. Nearly (49%) of those aged 18-24 buy energy drinks at least once a week, which is higher than any other age group; 25-34 (42%), 35-44 (35%) and 45+ (42%).

When asked what people look for when buying energy drinks, 38% say that their choice is most influenced by taste. This was highest amongst 18-24 year olds (52%) compared to all other age groups; 25-34 (30%), 35-44 (34%) and 45+ (39%). Respondents without children are also more likely to base their choice of energy drink on taste (46%) than those without children (30%).


Almost a third (32%) of purchasers look for price when buying an energy drink and this was a more influential factor among 25-44 year olds, where 39% of the respondents of that age selected price as the winning factor. This was much higher than the other age groups; 18-24 (25%), 35-44 (34%) and 45+ (28%). Other factors which influence energy drink purchasers’ choice include energy boost (21%) and brand (9%).

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