Over Half Of Irish Shoppers Buy Cleaning Products When BOGOF Offers Are Available

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Over Half Of Irish Shoppers Buy Cleaning Products When BOGOF Offers Are Available

Over half (52%) of Irish consumers are most influenced by Buy One Get One Free (BOGOF) offers when purchasing cleaning products, according to the latest Consumer Insights survey by Empathy Research.

Of 950 participants, the BOGOF offers influenced men (56%) more than women (48%) and those with children (55%) more than those without (49%).

Meanwhile, just over a third (37%) of cleaning product purchasers are most swayed by 'money off' offers when buying cleaning products for their home. Women were more persuaded by money off offers (42%) than men (32%), while participants without children (40%) were also more influenced by money off offers that those without children (35%).

Age-wise, over two-fifths (43%) of 25-34 year olds are most influenced by money off offers on cleaning products, which is a lot higher than the other age groups; 18-24 (29%), 35-44 (29%) and 45+ (40%). Just 9% of shoppers are influenced most by multipack offerings.

When asked about frequency of purchase, 21% of shoppers said they buy cleaning products for their home at least once a week. This was driven predominantly by 35-44 year olds (27%) but is less common amongst 18-24 (9%) and 25-34 (16%) year olds. Nearly a third (31%) of participants with children buy household cleaning products at least once a week compared to those without children (11%).


'Quality of Cleaning' (41%) was considered the most important factor for shoppers when buying cleaning products. 'Price' was close behind (40%), while 'Brand' was deemed not as important, with just 9% of shoppers classing it as the most important factor for cleaning products. Equally, environmental friendliness was not considered that important, with 9% selecting it as the most important factor in choosing a cleaning product.

Of all the respondents, nearly two thirds (62%) buy a mixture of both branded and store-own cleaning products. This was driven by 18-24 (66%) and 25-34 (67%) year olds but was less common amongst 35-44 (57%) and 45+ (61%) year olds. Only a quarter (23%) of shoppers preferred branded cleaning products, which was driven by 35-44 (28%) and 45+ (28%) year olds but less popular amongst the younger age groups 18-24 (6%) and 25-34 (17%). Women were also more inclined to prefer branded products (26%) than men (20%), but those with children also preferred branded products (26%) than those without (20%).

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