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Universal Graphics Illuminates Shopper Journey at SuperValu Tramore

By Maev Martin
Universal Graphics Illuminates Shopper Journey at SuperValu Tramore

Universal Graphics embarked on an extensive overhaul of both the external and internal signage at Quish’s SuperValu Tramore as part of a major store revamp, which was completed last June. Checkout talks to Phillip Sherry, senior retail project manager with Universal Graphics, about the two-month design and manufacturing project, which commenced in January 2023, and to store owner Cormac Quish about the impact that the new signage has been having on shoppers in-store.

Universal Graphics has a long-standing and strong working partnership with the Musgrave Group.

The company has collaborated on customised signage, vehicle branding, and distinctive interior fitout solutions across the Group’s brands throughout Ireland.

“We have collaborated with numerous retailers affiliated with SuperValu, Centra, and Daybreak,” says Phillip.

“Our close partnerships also extend to other well-known retail, foodservice, and food brands such as Insomnia Coffee, Gourmet Food Parlour, Chopped, Supermac’s and Monaghan Mushrooms, among others. In fact, our track record showcases a diverse range of successful collaborations within the retail and food industry.”


At Quish’s SuperValu Tramore, Universal Graphics received a very specific brief from store owner Cormac Quish.

“They wanted us to enhance the customer experience with illuminated signage and a high-quality store fit-out,” he says.

“Additionally, they wanted us to mitigate solar glare and offer UV protection for both staff and customers with the application of sustainability-focused glass window film.

"We implemented two primary external lightbox signs, and we faced challenges during installation as we sought to guarantee optimal visibility from all signage viewpoints.

“Additionally, we installed internally illuminated wayfinding signage effectively directing customers to different product category sections.


"Our signage solutions are all about ensuring visibility, starting with the exterior lightboxes that promote the brand and finishing with the interior illuminated wayfinding signage.

"We also took care in manufacturing the finer details, including car park and amenity signage, to provide a comprehensive and cohesive branding experience.”

Some innovative signage that is specific to Quish’s SuperValu Tramore includes the expansive wall wraps at the checkout area, which showcase local area landmarks.

“This emphasises that Quish’s SuperValu is at the core of the Tramore community, reinforcing its connection to the local surroundings,” says Phillip.

“Overall, the Universal Graphics signage solution has transformed the look and feel of the store into a bright and energetic space that allows customers to easily navigate the store through a modern illuminated experience.”


A Total Signage Service

The fruit & Veg sign at Quish's SuperValu Tramore

Universal Graphics offers a wide range of services and signage types to grocery retailers across the country.

“Our in-house services encompass a comprehensive selection of signage options, ranging from window graphics, straightforward printed panels and wall graphics to individual letters, diverse illuminated lettering alternatives, and various logo choices,” says Phillip.

“We specialise in crafting bespoke lightbox units, including Neon flex signs, and in providing complete external branding solutions such as fascia signs.

"Our product solutions extend to wall-mounted projecting signs, pavement signs, and an array of promotional signage alternatives, providing a one-stop solution for all your signage needs.”


Universal Graphics also offer top-tier signage solutions encompassing illumination, light boxes, POS signage, banners, window decals, and UV-ray protection films.

“Our glass coating services extend to security measures like anti-smash films, and we specialise in creating wayfinding signage for car parks, aisle indications, and customised off-licence and deli fitouts.

"Our product solutions include premium material floor graphics and promotional and sale signage packages, as well as external signage for areas like car parks, toilets, and trolley bays.”

Universal Graphics also provide signage solutions for pay stations and other associated services that are required in the grocery retail environment.

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Key Trends
According to Phillip, illuminated signage is one of the key in-store signage trends being embraced by grocery retailers in Ireland.

“Illuminated signage is currently making a significant impact, whether on a small or large scale,” he says.

“Additionally, the incorporation of printed wall graphics is popular for transforming overlooked or vacant spaces, adding a burst of colour or local flair to the store.

"Retailers are increasingly seeking bespoke solutions to distinguish themselves, and our company excels in delivering unique and standout innovations to meet this demand.”

Universal Graphics explains that there are several key factors that retailers should consider when they are embarking on a major signage project in-store.

“Numerous elements contribute to the overall impact, such as the store layout, signage space, and colour scheme,” says Phillip.

“Retailers should always view every situation in-store from the customer’s viewpoint and ask themselves what will make their journey easier in-store while delivering a brand experience for the shopper that resonates post checkout.

"However, the key factor, in my opinion, is establishing a strong working relationship with your chosen signage company.

"Our team will guide you through the entire process, from conceptualising ideas to designing, producing, and installing the signage.

"This collaboration ensures that your store undergoes a rejuvenating transformation, resulting in a refreshed and revitalised appearance.”

Happy Client

Entrance saying 'Welcome to Quish's SuperValu Tramore'

That has certainly been the case at Quish’s SuperValu Tramore.

“We wanted our revamped store to have the most modern and up to date look,” says Cormac Quish.

“Universal Graphics won the tender for the signage contract and their team was excellent.

"They delivered a top class fit out in a very efficient manner.

"They turned around the designs very quickly, and they manufactured and erected the signage in a very timely fashion.

"In addition, a lot of the signage was specific to the Quish Group, so we are very happy with the work that they did.”

In fact, Cormac is so happy that he recently asked them to create some extra signage to highlight the entrance to the store from Main Street, Tramore.

“They have completed some signage for us around our coffee, deli, and convenience innovations to better highlight that entrance for us,” he says.

“The job that Universal Graphics completed for us around the store has been a real winner for our shoppers and staff.

"Their lightbox signage has effectively highlighted what is on offer in different sections in store and is visible from all parts of the store.

"They also did a lot of great work in transmitting our sustainability and local community messaging throughout.

"When they stand at the entrance to the store, shoppers can see a lot of our fresh category signage, which makes navigation much easier as it gives them a clear view of what they can expect as they progress along the path to purchase.

“All fresh counters are well highlighted, particularly the deli and bakery sections, which are in very strong growth post-revamp.

"Even in the off licence, the signage brought that department to life with lightbox signs on either side of the government mandated barriers, and once you enter the section, signage clearly defines all category segments.

"In addition, a lot of the sustainability messaging on our walls is working well.

"Universal Graphics installed a community mural above the checkouts, which features beautiful photography of the seascape near Tramore and includes a thank you to our shoppers.

"Universal Graphics’ wall murals have transformed our mezzanine floor area into a very attractive and distinctive feature in-store.”

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