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Did You Know ...? 23 January, 2018

Published on Jan 24 2018 10:16 AM

Did You Know ...? 23 January, 2018

Did you know … After the Toblerone debacle, McVitie's famous Digestives have become the next victim of post-Brexit ‘shrinkflation’. A package of biscuits is set to shrink from 500g to 400g by the end of January, due to rising costs.

Did you know … Aldi’s German stores are launching a new private-label brand called ‘Fair & Gut’ offering meat that has been produced according to high animal-welfare standards.

Did you know … Another European retailer has committed to cage-free eggs. Lithuanian-based retail group Maxima Grupė has announced it will stop selling caged-hen eggs in its Baltic stores by 2025, due to concerns over animal welfare.

Did you know … UK retailer Waitrose has pledged to phase out black plastic packaging for its own brand foods by the end of 2019. The type of plastic is particularly difficult to recycle as the lasers used by waste processors cannot sense the colour effectively.

Did you know … The gin boom seems to be showing no signs of abating, with the total number of UK distilleries now tallying at 315, more than double the amount from five years ago, according to the UK’s Revenue & Customs department.

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