British Irish Chamber Of Commerce Welcomes ‘Stabilisation’ With Labour Victory

By Sarah O'Sullivan
British Irish Chamber Of Commerce Welcomes ‘Stabilisation’ With Labour Victory

The British Irish Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the ‘stabilisation’ of the trade relationship between Ireland and the UK, RTE reported today.

The trade group expects stabilisation to follow Labour Party's landslide victory in the UK’s general election.

Brexit was not a key topic in the election, though Labour has said it wants to ‘reset’ ties with the European Union.

According to the British Irish Chamber, this does not mean there will be a new referendum, but instead new leadership will work to improve the trading relationship ‘bit by bit.’

'Unique Relationship'

John McGrane, the director general of the group, has congratulated the leader of the Labour Party Keir Starmer who will be taking over as the UK’s Prime Minister.


McGrane said, “Keir Starmer knows a lot about Ireland and the Irish people.

“I have had the pleasure of working with Keir Starmer first had over a number of years.

“He is a man with an obvious intellect but a lot more empathy than people might associate with him.

“When I’ve been in his company and taken him to places to let him see the reality of life on the ground on this island, he’s always interested in the wellbeing of this country, and he’s hugely aware of the deep and long-standing and unique relationship between Ireland and Britain.”

McCrane added that Ireland’s most important trade relationship is the one it has with the UK.


“From a trade point of view, we hugely welcome the stabilisation,” he said.

McCrane said that British shoppers spend half of every household food budget on Irish food, and that Starmer will be asking how the government can make it easier for British shoppers to buy the food they prefer.

McCrane said, “Irish food is the best in the world, and when Britain is enabled to eat more of it rather than less of it, which is what happened during Brexit, everyone wins.”

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