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Ireland’s Top 5 TV Food And Drink Ads In September

By Donna Ahern
Ireland’s Top 5 TV Food And Drink Ads In September

When it comes to consumers’ favourite TV food and drink brand adverts, McDonald’s Next Stop, McDonald’s has been the most popular one on the small screen in September, according to research conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of Checkout.

Ireland’s Top Five TV Food And Drink Ads

1. McDonald’s: Next Stop, McDonald’s

In the latest ad from the fast-food chain, viewers see queues of beach-bound holidaymakers stuck at a red light on a hot summer’s day. As the tune ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello kicks in, we see one driver turn to his wife and move his eyebrows up and down. His partner then turns to their kids in the back seat of the car and does the same. As the ad progresses, more and more people sitting in their vehicles start raising their eyebrows, signalling that a stop at McDonald’s is on the cards for the holidaymakers.

2. Rockshore: This is Rockshore Apple Cider

In second place is the Rockshore friends-singing-at-a-bar ad, which features a barman pulling a pint of the cider, which resembles waves crashing, illustrating the refreshment of the drink.

3. Coca-Cola: Masterpiece

Third place goes to the Coca-Cola museum advert, which has been produced, in part, using AI and features a Coca-Cola bottle on an art gallery tour, to view of some of the world’s most famous paintings, such as Edvard Munch’s The Scream and Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring, as well as various sculptures. The bottle finally makes its way into the hands of a thirsty student seeking inspiration from the iconic pieces of art.

5. Guinness 0.0: Lovely Day for a Guinness

In fifth place is the Guinness 0.0 group-keep-moving-the-table-to-get-the-sun ad, which features a group of friends trying to catch some sun by moving their outdoor table from a pub beer garden to some well-known locations in Ireland.

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