Ireland’s Top 5 TV Food And Drink Ads In November

By Donna Ahern
Ireland’s Top 5 TV Food And Drink Ads In November

When it comes to consumers’ favourite TV food and drink brand adverts for the month of November, the Guinness ‘Don’t Jinx it’ ad claims the number-one position, according to research conducted by Behaviour & Attitudes on behalf of Checkout.

Ireland’s Top Five TV Food And Drink Ads

1. Guinness: ‘Don’t Jinx it’

Ahead of the Rugby World Cup, Brian O’Driscoll and Guinness – the official sponsor of the Irish Rugby Football Union (IRFU) – explained that, in a podcast during the run-up to the 2019 Rugby World Cup, O’Driscoll boldly declared that Ireland would go all the way, and, therefore, he may have ‘jinxed it’. The ad encourages viewers to get behind the team, but not to make any bold predictions.

2. McDonald’s: ‘Next Stop, McDonald’s’

In the latest ad from the fast-food chain, viewers see queues of beach-bound holidaymakers stuck at a red light on a hot summer’s day. As the tune ‘Oh Yeah’ by Yello kicks in, we see one driver turn to his wife and move his eyebrows up and down. His partner then turns to their kids in the back seat of the car and does the same. As the ad progresses, more and more people sitting in their vehicles start raising their eyebrows, signalling that a stop at McDonald’s is on the cards for the holidaymakers.

3. Rockshore: ‘This is Rockshore Apple Cider’

In third place is the Rockshore friends-singing-at-a-bar ad, which features a barman pulling a pint of the cider, which resembles waves crashing, illustrating the refreshment of the drink.

4. Heineken 0.0: ‘Cheers With No Alcohol. Now You Can.’

The global ‘Cheers with No Alcohol. Now You Can.’ ad campaign promotes the idea that, through alcohol-free beer, everyone can share social moments, whether they are drinking or not. The 70-second film travels back to the Viking era, to New York’s Roaring Twenties and to the 1960s, with each scene showing one person excluded from the ‘cheers’ moment for having different non-alcoholic beverages. It ends in the modern day, with the option of a Heineken 0.0 finally including those who are not drinking.

5. Aldi: ‘Kevin’s Root to Paris’

Kevin the Carrot made a return to Irish television screens as part of Aldi’s fresh-food campaign, which was launched as rugby took centre stage in France in September. The ad sees Kevin the Carrot join the Irish Rugby camp during the build-up to the trip to France. Explaining the concept behind the ad, the discounter noted, ‘Under the watchful eye of Ireland’s coaches and players, including Paul O’Connell and James Ryan, Kevin is put to the test as he attempts to prove just how scrum-ptious he is and secure a spot in a match squad.’ The ad also includes cameos from Gilbert the Grape and the imposing Sebastien L’Oignon.


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